Sunday, December 3, 2017

KVD Metal Crush Palette

Hey everyone!!

Can't believe it's already December, blah blah, blah, you know the drill..

If you're reading this then you're probably a makeup whore just like I am, so you know the agony involved in waiting for packages and how warm and fuzzy it makes you feel when your shit finally arrives after what feels like a year.
I actually had a different post planned for today but when my Sephora package was delivered unexpectedly, I was too excited that I just had to post this asap.

Today we're doing a first impressions on the
Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette (LE) by Kat Von D Beauty $36.
(This palette is limited edition (LE) and Kat Von D Beauty is sold only through Sephora & the Kat Von D Beauty website).

I was beyond fucking excited when I found out that Kat Von D was releasing a highlighter palette, not only because I love highlighter in general but I also like a lot of her products and formulas (not all but a lot of them).
Plus it's about time she brings out highlighters, am I right?
I passed on her alchemist palette before because they weren't shades I'd reach for very often and I already had the MoonChild & Aurora Glow Kits by Anastasia Beverly Hills.
When I saw she named her palette Metal Crush, holy fuck I swear I gushed.
I mean if you haven't tried her Metal Crush Eyeshadow singles, they are amazing!
They're super metallic, buttery, silky soft, and so blend-able they melt into your skin.
I use the shade Thunderstruck almost daily for my eye highlight and sometimes even on my cheekbones, it's literally perfection and I actually just repurchased another one.

The first time I saw the shades in the Metal Crush Palette I was so glad that they were shades that were more wearable on the daily.
There's a peachy shade, an icy opalescent shade, and a pink rose-y shade.
In my imagination, it was everything I ever wanted in a highlighter, wearable colors in their metallic Metal Crush formula, I mean holy crap I couldn't wait to coat my entire being in it.
The anticipation was intense.

The palette packaging is made of a thick sturdy cardboard with a holographic print, the inside is all black.
I was glad to see that there was a mirror even though I rarely use palette mirrors but I know a lot of people do, plus it just makes it more visually appealing.

Upon opening the palette the first thing I noticed was how glittery the highlights looked in the pan, my heart instantly sank.
I told myself to calm the fuck down and swatch them.
I swatched all three shades on my inner wrist and felt sick to my stomach.
The actual highlighter pigmentation is more sheer and gives off a sheen which I personally like in highlighter formula but in reality all I could see was the damn glitter, there was just so much glitter.
Once again I told myself to chill the fuck out, I ran upstairs and grabbed my current favorite highlighting brush, tapped the shit out of it trying to knock off as much glitter as possible and applied this to my cheekbones.
There wasn't much actual color payoff or highlighting besides the glitter speckled across my cheekbones.
This is not at all similar in any way to the Metal Crush Eyeshadow formula that I love so much. Within 10 minutes it was like a scene from Cabin Fever, the glitter had spread to pretty much my entire face, neck, hairline, boobies, and shirt.

Still at this point I tried to keep it together and contain my rage.
I tried looking at it in different lighting and outside to see if maybe it didn't actually look as bad as I thought it did.
Before I could even ask for a second opinion, she asked why I had put glitter all over my face, and I'm pretty sure I heard an eeew come out of her mouth before that lol.

WTF is happening, I mean it is a new product but I researched this palette the best I could before I bought it because I hate buying shit I'm not going to use, I don't buy makeup just to "collect" it.
I saw swatches online, even on the face.
After taking my own swatch pictures I did notice that the glitter wasn't really picking up on camera.
Yet still the description on Sephora says that they're metallic with no mention of glitter.
I waited forever for this damn palette especially because the recent VIB sale and holidays have made shipping extra long for Sephora.
What pisses me off even more is that I read what few reviews there were at the time of my purchase and I didn't see anything about glitter in those either.
Of course now when I checked there's a bunch mentioning the glitter but I guess that's the risk you take when buying new releases, you just don't know what the fuck you're gonna get.

(Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara. Do you need it?)

I mean I get that different people like different things and I love that there's literally a highlighter for every type of person and if you love glitter than you'd probably love this palette.
What I don't like is that most people and even the websites conveniently "forget" to mention such a huge detail.
This feels more like I was tricked into believing this was something that it wasn't because this is not a highlighter that maybe has a little sparkle or shimmer, this is seriously almost pure glitter.
I also think giving it the name Metal Crush was hugely misleading mostly because their single shadows are already named this, which leads you to believe they were going to be somewhat similar in formulation.
I mean holy fuck if she was to make highlighters with the Metal Crush formula, I'd be first in line to buy them even after this let down.

Obviously this palette was a huge disappointment for me because I personally do not like glitter in my face products and rarely even use glitter at all.
Had I known this was a glitter palette I would have never purchased it and at this point I don't know if I'm taking it back or smashing it to bits while I sob.
Maybe if my rage subsides I might try to use on my eyes or something, I just don't know yet.

Is this palette beautiful? Fuck yeah it is and I still love Kat Von D Beauty,
this specific palette is just not right for me.
I would only recommend this palette to someone that is specifically looking for glitter and in that case it would be perfect.

Did you buy the Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette by Kat Von D Beauty?
Love it or hate it?
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media.

Products Mentioned:
Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette by Kat Von D Beauty

MoonChild GlowKit by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Aurora GlowKit by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Metal Crush Eyeshadow

Setting Brush by Real Techniques

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara

Hey everyone!!

As I mentioned before I was taking a little break from blogging but you best believe I was still trying out a bunch of new products.
So not only am I back, I also have a shit ton of new products and stuff to talk about over the next few weeks.
Oh and by new I mean new to me not necessarily a new product.
And dude wtf how is it almost December already?

This past week I've been using the Rimmel London ScandalEyes Mascara.
You know while trying this out I realized I don't have any other Rimmel London Makeup in my collection besides their Stay Matte Primer ($6.99) which by the way is f**king amazeballs.
Okay back to the mascara hahaha.

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Mascara ($6.99)
I have the shade Black.
I bought mine online of course because I'm a hermit and I believe it only comes in Black, Extreme Black, and a waterproof version.
Before I got the ScandalEyes Mascara I hadn't ever heard anything about it, so I had no idea what to expect.
When I think about it now, I don't actually ever hear much about that brand in general.
Which made me check Ulta and they seem to be phasing out all the Rimmel London products, so I can only assume that they'll no longer be carrying it.

I liked the packaging which was a plastic sparkly orange with black writing (total Halloween vibes) and the tapered ends reminded me of the CoverGirl mascara packaging.
This mascara claims to give insane volume with no clumps and also has keratin and collagen for healthy lashes.
I have naturally long lashes and don't wear falsies every day, so when I'm testing out a new mascara I look for ones that I can use without falsies because honestly if it's only to use under false lashes it doesn't really matter what you're using.
The mascara wand is a larger brush with long natural bristles and it's the first thing I noticed when I opened the mascara, I was excited because it looked like it would just brush through your lashes so nicely.

When I finally started using this mascara I found it quite difficult to use, it was like trying to put mascara on with a Cheeto puff.
The bristles were so large that it was quite difficult to get close enough to the base of my lashes to coat because of the brush size and also took longer to apply because I had to go slow as a snail just to avoid the giant brush from touching my face, the brush was also too dense to the point where it didn't really allow my lashes to get in there and brush through and it kinda just stayed on the surface of my lashes.
The mascara formula didn't do much of anything for my lashes, no added length (although that wasn't a claim), no volume whatsoever, and it honestly looked like I didn't even have mascara on.
I continued to use it a couple more times through out the week and even tried this mascara with a lash primer but it just wasn't happening for me.
The one thing it did do was flake all over my face and pretty quickly actually.
I pretty much had black freckles under my eyes, on my cheekbones, and even inside my eyes which was a b*tch because I wear prescription contacts and that shit hurts when you get something in your eye.

Obviously I wouldn't repurchase this or even recommend it because the flaking was just crazy, which means I can't even use it under my falsies.

Check out my previous Mascara Fail review and find out which drugstore mascara to stay the f*ck away from lol.
As you can see my recent choices haven't been that great.

Oh and by the way I'm sorry about using stock photos in this post, if you've read my blog before you'd know I usually never do this but my dumb ass already got rid of the mascara and had no choice.

Have you tried the ScandalEyes Mascara? What's your favorite Rimmel London product?
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media.
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Blog: Catching up

Hey everyone!!

So I've been a little MIA lately here in blog world.
I've been trying to add some YouTube creating into my life but it's definitely harder than it seems and I'm still trying to find my flow, let's be honest I'm just kinda horrible on camera, eventually I'll figure it out.
I look like a straight up troll right now, good thing you guys can't see me.
I guess that's one of the good things about blogging hahaha.
Just kidding.

Honestly I've kinda been taking a break on most of my social media and not posting much it's been a nice break but I'm definitely ready to get back into it.

Has anyone else noticed that there is a fuck ton of new makeup releases lately.
I remember when there were pretty much only season launches and holiday launches.
It seems like there's multiple new releases every freaking week now, throw the holiday releases into the mix and it's kind of overwhelming.
I can't even believe that it's the holidays already.

Oh and just an FYI if you guys plan on buying holiday makeup sets (which tend to be unheard of deals) make sure to check where your products were made because a ton of brands actually make their holiday palettes and such in China and that is why these deals are too good to be true.
I've found the quality tends to not be the same as their usual products but I guess if its a gift or you don't really care then do it up.

I'll be doing my Sephora VIB Sale Haul soon, if my stuff ever comes and trying to just get back on schedule.

What are you most excited for this holiday season?
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media.
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Sunday, September 3, 2017

BareMinerals BarePro

Hey everyone!!
It's officially September and I am so ready for fall, now if only the weather would catch up we'd be all good.
No matter how hard I try I'll just never be a summer-y girl which is funny because I grew up on the coast in a beautiful beach town and according to my mother I would hide from the sun under my blanket instead of playing (lmfao).
I guess I haven't changed much then, so if you see a grown woman hiding from the sun it just might be me hahaha. #PastyBitches

So for the past week I've been trying out a new foundation, the BarePro by BareMinerals ($34).
I absolutely love the packaging and it's super simple.
It's a weighted glass bottle with black text and a black cap, it also has a pump that can be twisted into a locked position (seriously awesome).

I wasn't sure at all what to expect before I tried this foundation because honestly it's new and I hadn't heard anything about it at all.
The foundation was quite liquid-y so I started off with 2 pumps and blended it out with the Infallible Beauty Sponge by L'Oreal, I was able to do my entire face and neck with just that initial 2 pumps and I have a fat head so that's freaking awesome and it also means this bottle will last a while.
I got full coverage with a natural matte finish and best of all because it was so liquid-y I didn't have to use much which not only is good for my bank account but also left me with the thinnest and lightest application and feeling ever when fully set.
No fucking joke it felt as though I didn't have any foundation on at all, which is funny because last week I reviewed a drugstore foundation and I commented how light that one felt on the skin and even that doesn't come close to how light this one is.

Not only did it feel good on my skin, it also looked really good on my skin.
It's just the right amount of matte where it looks natural and being that I have combination skin, it also didn't look gross or dry on the non oily areas of my face.
I do think that since this is matte it would not be good for dry skin or dry combination skin at all, although it's not overly matte, it is still very matte and kept my greasy ass t zone in check all day.
I can't even think of a foundation to compare this to because I've never had a full coverage foundation that felt this comfortable and light.

As always I've been trying it out with different primers and powders with fantastic results, I haven't had any bad combos yet and everything I piled on top of it blended out beautifully.
This is the perfect foundation for a "no makeup" makeup look.
It's also really good for your skin and has SPF 20 and also with prolonged use it's supposed to improve texture, hydration, and even pore visibility.
Although I've only been using it a week so I can't really touch on that.

The only negative thing I have to say is that I found the shade range to run a little light and being that I am pretty light that says a ton lol.
I chose the shade Warm Light which is the 7th lightest shade (7th!!) and this was still light on me, so I would probably suggest to either match yourself in store or order a shade or two darker than your initial instinct.

If I'm being completely honest here then I'd say I probably would not have bought this foundation on my own because BareMinerals just never pops into my head for makeup at all, when I think of BareMinerals I think of skincare products (they make my #HolyGrail serum btw) and of course I know they make powder foundations but it still just doesn't click in my head lol.
It sucks saying that because I think that is probably true for a lot of people when they think of the BareMinerals brand.
Yet this has literally become my favorite high end foundation right now.

Since I'm not a shady biotch I want to be clear and say:
*This product was sent to me complimentary for testing.

Have you tried this foundation? What's your favorite BareMinerals product?
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media.
Products Mentioned:
BarePro Liquid Foundation by BareMinerals
Infallible Beauty Sponge by L'Oreal

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Better Skin Foundation

Hey everyone!!

We've all spent a shit ton of money on things that don't work out and foundations in particular can get hella pricey.
So obviously when you find something you love it's exciting but when it's also drugstore
it's like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

A few weeks ago I tried out the SuperStay Better Skin Foundation by Maybelline ($11.99) and holy f**k balls!
I never expected to love it as much as I do, I mean you always hope to but come on it doesn't usually happen that way.
I hadn't planned on making this post but I've been reaching for this foundation so often that I just had to talk about it.
The packaging is pretty bomb because it comes with a pump and also has a nicely weighted glass bottle which isn't always the case for drugstore foundations. I feel like they're just shoving everything in tubes now lol but that's still better than a glass bottle with no pump.
The foundation itself is liquid-y and blends out super quick and easy, I wasn't left with streaks but it does dry down semi fast because it has a more natural matte finish, so I usually do half my face at a time.

Although this is a natural matte, it's not drying at all, I have combo skin (oily t-zone / normal) and this looked just as good on the rest of my face as the oily center.
This foundation has a medium coverage and literally felt so comfortable on the skin, no caking, no heaviness, it really did feel as though I wasn't wearing anything.
I'm also a night owl, so I sometimes don't wash my makeup off 'til well after midnight and this foundation still looked so good by the end of the day.
Up close you could see that there was a bit of skin peeking through (fading) around my mouth and nose from touching my face and eating or whatever but it was only visible up close but still looked fine from a normal distance, which is pretty damn good because this is super affordable.
I did find that this does slightly oxidize but I knew that going in so I ordered the lightest shade available and I made it work for me, although I will say that as a pasty bitch I think this line runs dark and also slightly orange so I could see it being hard to match yourself especially for lighter complexions because I'm pretty damn light but I'm not quite fair.

(can you believe this is the lightest shade? it's crazy)

When I purchased this I also purchased the SuperStay Better Skin Powder but even though I ordered the lightest shade, it was way too dark and orange for me so I've been using it as bronzer.
The powder is very smooth and a little goes a long way, since it's a face powder it does blend out really well and layers over everything without getting patchy.
It didn't feel heavy but I honestly can't comment too much on using it on the entire face because like I said it was way too dark to use as face powder for me which kinda bummed me out.

This is the drugstore foundation that I find myself grabbing for most often right now, it keeps me matte in this heat without being dry and it looks very natural and felt insanely light on the skin.
If you can find a shade to work with then I'd highly recommend this for combo and oily girls.

Were you able to find your shade?
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media.
Products Mentioned:
SuperStay Better Skin Foundation by Maybelline
SuperStay Better Skin Powder by Maybelline

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

August BoxyCharm

Hey everyone!!

Seriously, I get so excited and impatient when I know my BoxyCharm has shipped (lol) and of course mine always takes forever to come because I'm on the opposite side of the states.
BoxyCharm has been freaking amazeballs these last few months, I've probably said that before but they just keep on bringing it hard.
(did anyone else think of the movie Bring It On? okay so just me haha)

Check out my latest GRWM & Reverse Cut Crease I created with the August BoxyCharm.

So the theme this month is Beach Please.
Freaking love it, also fitting since it's the last summer month.
Maybe I just like it because I have a potty mouth lol.

On to the products!!

(swatches below from lightest shade Pearl continuing clockwise)

1) Rainforest of the Sea Vol. 2 by Tarte ($36)
I had to start with this because it's probably the one thing that everyone was excited for and also the controversial item in the box this month.
I was excited for this even more so because I don't really have many (if any) cool toned eyeshadow palettes which is kinda weird considering I'm fairly light and love cool toned lipsticks and contours.
The formula is definitely different than my other Tarte palettes as this is not one of their amazonian clay palettes, so I obviously didn't expect it to be the same.
These shadows are more of a classic pressed shadow but are still soft and creamy to touch yet more firm than their clay shadows and I honestly didn't see any fall out what so ever and even when I tapped off the excess there was just a little dust .
I had absolutely no problems picking up, applying, or blending any of the shades I've used (which was almost all of them) and it also lasted all day with primer of course.
They were more of a medium opacity pigmentation which made them easy to work with and built up freaking perfectly.
The colors all worked well together and this would be a good palette for everyday use, if you're into all cool toned palettes.
I would have never bought this palette myself because it was all cool tones but I ended up really loving this palette which surprised me.

2) Pro Eyelashes by PUR ($14)
I received the style Bombshell.
These were absolutely stunning!
They are super long, wispy, and have a tapered effect which I love.
The band wasn't super thick or stiff either so they applied really easy and didn't feel uncomfortable at all.
After seeing some posts online I was also relieved I didn't get the other style they sent out because it was a lot more natural and tame.

3) Moda Pro 3 Pc. Brush Set by Royal & Langnickel ($26)
Omg these brushes are beautiful, I tend to prefer simple designs so I loved the sleek black look of these, plus the textured matte black handle (holy f**k).
I used the powder brush and the crease brush so far.
The bristles are super soft and tapered, they blended out my powders quick and easy with little effort and I definitely plan to keep using these.
The third brush isn't really calling out to me as I'm not really into that style of contour brush.
I thought it might be good for baking under my eyes but turns out it's a little too curved in the center and just doesn't fit as well as I hoped but I plan to try it a few more ways before I give up on it.

(you can see above just how thick the product consistency is, it holds its shape completely when squeezed out)

4) Face Paint Lip & Cheek Tint by Aloette ($35)
I received the shade Blossoming Berry.
This was super thick, pigmented, creamy, and completely opaque.
The tiniest bit went a long way and if you use it how I did with just a tiny dab patted onto the lips, you can get a more natural stained look that lasted hours.
The tube did say it was more of a dewy finish but since I applied it super sheer and with my finger, I found that it dried down to more of a stained tint which was beautiful and more up my alley.
The product itself is really good and I also think this tube would probably last forever.
The only downside was that I'm not fond of the shade at all and don't see myself using it again.

5) Gel Effect Nail Polish by Adesse ($18)
I received the shade Suzannemi.
This shade is a very bright almost neon red with a slight pink undertone.
I'm not the biggest fan of getting nail polishes in my box even though I do my own nail at home.
My nails are probably the most neglected thing in my beauty routine, I just don't always have the time and I can't particularly see myself wearing this shade.
I also didn't try this yet, so I can't comment on the actual formula at all.

I loved almost everything in the August BoxyCharm with the only disappointment being the nail polish but that had nothing to do with the quality of that product at all, it's just nail polishes in general.

Obsessed with BoxyCharm?
Catch up on my May BoxyCharm Unboxing

Need inspo?
Watch my August BoxyCharm Reverse Cut Crease Tutorial using the Rainforest of the Sea Palette Vol. 2 by Tarte

What was your favorite item this month?
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media.
Products Mentioned:
Rainforest of the Sea Palette Volume 2 by Tarte
Pro Eyelashes by PUR
Moda Pro 3 Pc. Brush Set by Royal & Langnickel
Face Paint by Aloette
Gel Effect Nail Polish by Adesse

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mascara Fail

Hey everyone!!

Let's just get right to the point because this shit was disastrous.
So Maybelline came out with a new mascara and I honestly haven't heard anything about it at all, not before or after I bought it.
I discovered the Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara by Maybelline ($8.99) while scrolling Ulta's new arrivals.
I love, love, love! The original Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline ($8.99) and I was looking to purchase a few mascaras anyways because all mine were getting kinda low and dry.
Could this be any more perfect? I needed it and there it was staring me down during my weakest hour (scrolling online at 3am on my phone).
The only noticeable difference and their selling point was that the end was a little more curved as you can see below.
The original mascara is amazeballs what could possibly go wrong right?

So just as you see it above that's how it came packaged (side by side with a cardboard backing and clear front) proudly displaying this wondrous new brush and obviously the tube came sealed with a separate cap. 
I ripped open my package like a Christmas present, ooh'ed and aah'ed for a quick minute and also noticed that the wand head was a lot more flexible or flimsy than the original.
I put the wand into the mascara for tomorrow's play date since it was like 2am when this happened (I'm a night owl if you haven't noticed).

So the next day when I'm doing my makeup, that exciting time comes when I get to use my new mascara.
As soon as I opened it, it was instant disappointment.
WTF Maybelline.

Well that flimsy plastic head got all warped and hard from being in the mascara, maybe from the moisture that's the only thing I can think of.
The wand is now literally trash and I never even got to try it.
So once again, WTF Maybelline.
The only good thing is that I still had the separate mascara cap that came with the packaging and I ended up just screwing that on and I will just use it with my original Lash Sensational Mascara when I finish it.
I'm guessing it's the same formula as the original Lash Sensational Mascara because the only thing advertised about this product was the dumb ass brush but I guess I'll have to wait and find out.

If you were eye balling this I'd say pass on this and just go for the original.

I have to know who's tried the Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara and if it happened to you as well.
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media.
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