Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Blog: Mirrors & Cougars?

Hey everyone!!

What the fuck is up?
Omfg so I just went to the dentist again yesterday, had the other 2 wisdom teeth pulled so I'm fucked up again.
Dude, I have a dentist appointment every week for the entire month of March too *cries *.
It's fucking intense but I know it'll be good in the end.

With all this dental work, I've been really upping my binge watching game.
Not sure if that's a good or bad thing yet.
It's rare I get to chill this much especially with a toddler, so I'm really enjoying it.
I mean except the swollen face, mouth pain, and living off of paste hahaha.
My husband has been even more fucking awesome than normal though and helps so much, makes me feel bad because I can be a mega bitch especially right now when I'm hungry af and can't even eat.

I love Anna Faris and you should watch the movie Just Friends (above) if you haven't seen it.

I finally started Black Mirror on Netflix last night with my husband, dude I procrastinated so long on starting it because when I read the description, I didn't really get what it was about.
Seriously after watching it, it legit gives me Twilight Zone vibes and I'm hooked already.
Each episode is it's own story btw, incase you didn't know what Twilight Zone was.
You know, in case you're not old af like me.
They should just advertise it as a newer Twilight Zone.
(update: I just saw that they do advertise it like that lmfao and I'm dumb af)
When we started watching it, I called my husband pig fucker for the rest of the day lmfao.
If you've seen it, then you'll get that reference.

I'm also watching Cougar Town on Hulu because you know we gotta have the girly shows we watch without our men.
Literally just started it as we speak, just got back from the grocery store with a bottle of wine.
I feel like I have to drink wine when I watch this lol.
I personally prefer red wines and today I chose the Apothic Red Winemaker's blend.
Normally I stick to Zins, even more specific OVZ (old vine zins) but I've been kinda into trying blends recently and holy fuck this one is good.
Kinda sweet and jammy but not overly sweet so it still paired well with not only the berries but also the meats I chose to go with it.
I also only let the wine breathe for around 30 minutes before diving in and it still was smooth af!
I was honestly shocked and will definitely be repurchasing this.
Especially because my husband is at work at didn't get to taste it lol.
I always feel bad when I buy something that's turns out to be bomb ass and he didn't get to try it.
I guess that's love lol.

I just found out that Cougar Town is the name of their town lmfao.
Does that make me a bitch because I thought it was because they're cougars.

Keep updated on my shit talking by checking out my previous daily blog.

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Shook or Shit: NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation Review

Hey everyone!!

I decided to start a new series on here of hyped products and I'm calling it, Shook or Shit.
It'll be real ass reviews about hyped products that I try.
So welcome to the very first post of Shook or Shit!

I figured since I'm a foundation junkie we'd start this new series off with a foundation.

The NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation.
I was excited af when I heard about this foundation.
I have combo/oily skin and this sounded like a fucking dream, matte yet radiant and long wearing omfg yes, so much yes.
I hesitated and procrastinated for weeks when it finally released because it was so hyped up and literally everyone, their mamas, and their grannies were saying it's their fave.
I was calling bullshit basically.
This is the first NARS foundation I've purchased mostly because the others weren't really what I was looking for, for my skin type, and honestly they just didn't grab me but I do love and regularly use a bunch of other NARS products.
After staring at it in my online shopping cart for what feels like forever, I decided fuck it because based on NARS' claims, it really was what I was looking for in a foundation.
Plus I could give a real ass normies take on this over hyped product.

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation $49
I purchased the shade Fiji (light/medium w/yellow undertones).
I love NARS packaging and this is just as beautiful as expected, heavy weighted clear glass, simple clean lines, matte black cap, and of course this baby comes with a pump.
I mean fuck, at $49 bucks it better have a pump.
It comes with 1.01 oz which is pretty much standard with 1 oz being the most common average.

I do have a fairly light complexion but being xicana I also have yellow and beige (olive) in my undertones and I was shocked how well this foundation matched me because I guessed online lol, oh and btw I always go for yellow undertones.
It was maybe like barely half a shade darker than my skin but the undertones were spot on, it wasn't overly yellow and definitely has a tiny hint of beige in there (I got lucky because I didn't know that when I ordered it), and once I added my concealer into the mix it really was the perfect shade.
TBH though I'm shocked this shade matched me so well because I'm pretty pasty and this said it was for light to medium skin tones and I'm nowhere near medium, in that case this shade ran pretty light so be aware of that when purchasing online.
This also did not oxidize on me at all.

I used this for a little over a week every time I wore makeup to really get a feel for it.
I have combo skin and I multi prime my skin every time I wear makeup which basically means I use 2 primers every time.
So I was able to try this foundation with multiple matte/pore refining and hydrating/smoothing/illuminating primers and had no compatibility issues with any of them.

Applied with a sponge:
I prefer to use sponges so that was how I tried it out the first few times.
I'm absolutely still obsessed with the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Blender (their pink sponge) and use this sponge most, so that's what I used for this foundation.
The pump only squirts out a small amount compared to other foundation pumps, it's maybe about half a pump which now makes sense because a little definitely goes a long way.
The coverage of this foundation is fucking insane, it really is full coverage, and the creamy consistency spreads out so easily to cover your face without losing any of the coverage.
It is matte and started to dry down a little but not so quick that you don't have time to blend, just don't oooh and aaah for 10 minutes and you're fine but you don't have to rush or anything though.
The finish of this foundation once applied is beautiful, it has a super healthy glow which is my favorite lately.
It kinda looked as though it'd be a satin finish but it was definitely laying matte on my skin without being too dry or having a powdery finish.
It was just fucking perfect and my skin looked flawless, it covered a few pigmentation marks I have on my face with just the one layer.
The thing that stood out to me is that my face didn't feel heavy or caked on and didn't look heavy or caked on either.
When a second layer was added (although unnecessary) it still looked beautiful and didn't add any heaviness to my face, I did go super light on that second layer though.

Applied with a brush:
I used both the IT Cosmetics #101 Blurring Foundation and the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brushes.
The first time I used a brush with this foundation was the IT Cosmetics #101.
Holy fuck balls, I thought the coverage was hella full when I used a sponge but it definitely gets fuller and more intense with a brush.
I can honestly say that when applied with a brush, it is the fullest coverage foundation that I currently own.
With that extra coverage though it did look and feel slightly heavier and when I say heavier I don't mean that it was really heavy in general just noticeably heavier than when applied with a beauty sponge.
There was no way in hell that this needed a second layer with a brush and when I added the tiniest bit of a second layer, it was just too much for me but still looked amaze balls.
The next time when I used the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki once again fucking crazy coverage and it was just so intense I ended up going over it and pressing it into my skin with the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Blender.
This still gave me with the crazy brush coverage but took away that extra bit of heaviness I mentioned earlier.
Holy crap it was stunning, flawless, and somehow still looked natural and healthy.

Wear Test (no touch ups):
On all days I set with translucent powders and had no compatibility issues with any of them and it also played well with all the other products I used over top.

The first few times I used it regardless of how I applied it, or which primers & powders I used I did notice it getting shiny around my oily areas (nose & forehead) at around the 6 hour mark but strangely it wasn't really breaking up or anything on my skin just yet and it wasn't a bad shiny.
At the 8 hour mark it was definitely starting to break up on and around my nose and my chin starting looking shiny too and I am not even oily on my chin, my chin's actually normal to dry.
Other than my nose breaking up a little, the rest of my face still looked great but extra luminous.

With absolutely no touch ups on those days I would say it looked amaze balls and lasted for 6 hours.

Wear Test (with touch ups):
For touch ups I blotted with a clean damp L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Blender.
Then used my fave Kat Von D Lock It Blotting Powder (in shade Light)
with an ELF Complexion Brush.

I touched up around the 6 hour mark when I started looking shiny and everything was still looking good.
I already knew from my previous wear tests that somewhere between the hours 6 and 8 things went to shit, so I made sure to catch it and touch up before that happened.
I checked in at hour 8 and everything looked really good this time, no shiny-ness and no breaking up around my nose.
My skin still looked so good and still had a healthy glow but was still matte.
I went to dinner, did one light touch up before I left and by the time I checked in again it was hour 12.
My skin looked shiny but like I said before it wasn't a bad shiny, it was more of a radiance and when I touched my finger tips to my forehead there wasn't any oil on them.
Most important it still hadn't broken up around my nose and it still looked fucking amazing right before I washed it off.
I did add one more touch up of powder right before I washed it off at the 12 hour mark just to see what would happen and I'm gonna say that it definitely felt a tad cake-y with that extra touch up of powder, it looked okay but I just didn't like the way it felt with that last touch up.
Soooo with touch ups it looked amaze balls for 12 hours and that was the longest I wore it.
Shook or Shit?
I can honestly say from a normal person who paid their own damn money for this foundation.
I really appreciated that it was matte and stayed matte but had a natural glow to it because I don't always wanna be super matte and be punished for being a grease ball.
I actually got complemented while wearing this foundation because it looked so natural and healthy on my skin and even though it got more glow-y throughout the day, it still looked beautiful and not greasy (with touch ups).
I agree with their natural looking and breathable claims.
It sat so natural on my skin and didn't accentuate any of the slight dryness on my chin, it melted into my skin but didn't sink into my pores or anything weird, and never felt heavy, cake-y, or mask like.
It also didn't make me break out at all or cause any irritation.
As for their 16 hour claim.
Although it did last 12 hours with touch ups and looked bomb, it wouldn't last must longer than that without getting cake-y from touch ups and so I guess it's up to you whether that is long wearing or not.

Keep in my mind that this review is based on my skin and preferences.
I have combination skin that changes seasonally, currently oily/slightly dry.

What do you think about the new NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation?
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media.

Products Mentioned:
NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation
L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Blender
IT Cosmetics #101 Blurring Foundation
Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki
Kat Von D Lock It Blotting Powder
ELF Complexion Brush

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Blog: Dentist & Jello

Hey everyone!!

Look at me with my second post this week hahaha.
Kinda fucking proud of myself, hope it becomes a regular thing.
Even though I probably just jinxed myself by saying it out loud then I'll look like a dumb ass when I start slacking off.
Guess we'll see.

Omfg, this week has been hella rough.
If you read my last blog post New year, New me?, then you'd know I actually made a super vague resolution this year.
Keeping with the resolution theme, I've started a dental journey.
Wtf does that even mean lmfao, I don't know but I feel like that's what a real blogger would say.
Everything seems to be a journey hahaha, it's true though.
Basically I made a dental plan with my dentist and am finally doing all the crap that I've been putting off.
Ugh my teeth are so fucked up.

(love The King of Queens btw)

My first appointment was fucking brutal.
I got 2 of my wisdom teeth removed a couple days ago and I 100% underestimated how recovery would be after and the healing time.
Not only is my mouth sore and swollen, my face is too *cry face * so I've been chillin' out on the makeup this week.
Of course my ULTA package would decide to arrive early because I can't use it, that shit never comes early and ULTA shipping usually takes forever.
Isn't that the way it always happens?

Dude, the hardest thing about having my wisdom teeth removed has been eating.
Not only am I supposed to eat soft foods, throw my low carb diet into the mix.
Omfg it's so hard to find stuff to eat.
I've pretty much been living off of sugar free jello cups and scrambled eggs.
I ate 3 jello cups in one sitting yesterday, and maybe today too *shhhh *.
It's totally my fault though, I thought I'd be 100% by now and eating normal by the next day (hilarious huh) so I didn't plan food prep ahead of time or go to the grocery store.
I'm going back next week to get the other 2 wisdom teeth removed but at least I'll be prepared this time.

Enough teeth talk.

Been trying out a bunch of new beauty products and hella excited to talk about them with you guys, just trying to take my time and really feel them out before I do, plus I haven't been wearing makeup these past few days.
Remember?? lol
I got way more into hair care products last year because I swear I'm going bald since having my daughter *laughs* okay maybe not bald but you know what I mean and also I was tired of having dry ass frizzy ass hair.

I'm also trying to not be so introverted and anti social..
So stop being shy guys and leave comments!!
Let's talk about beauty products or whatever.

Anyone else on a low carb diet? Just curious.
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wet N Wild

Hey everyone!!

If you know me then you'd know that I don't discriminate against drugstore products, if a product is good then it's good.
I feel like it's so easy to get caught up in all the materialistic BS and social media images where everything is about brands more specifically high end brands.
I feel like it's good to remind everyone that's there's great products available in the drugstores too, so today is a drugstore post.

Let's talk Wet N Wild..

In the late 90's I was in middle school and already wearing full cake (I know, I know) and back then Wet N Wild was honestly trash, not even kidding.
I remember using their eyeliner pencils and lip liner pencils not because I liked them but because I was in middle school (duh?) and most of my makeup was drugstore because I was a student and had no job.
When I couldn't hustle my mom into buying me more makeup lol, I'd use my weekly allowance often to buy makeup.
Eyeliner pencils & lip liner pencils were kinda less important to me, since I used mostly liquid liner anyway.
My sacrifice in order to afford all my other makeup was to use Wet N Wild pencils.
BTW is allowance still a thing? Lol.

Back then we actually had to light these bitches up with a lighter and melt the ends just to make them work and glide on yet even then they were still kinda crappy and you'd get tiny hard chunks in your eyes if you melted it too much.
And we had to do that every time with their pencils.

I definitely took notice that in the past couple years Wet N Wild is clearly trying to change their image and is stepping it up not only with the quality but also by keeping up with the trends and putting out way more products.
I tried little things here and there throughout the years but in the past year they are literally every where and I just needed to stop putting it off and try out some shit.

I decided to try out some of the core products from Wet N Wild, not just the little things.
They've released most of the products I've been testing quite a while ago already, maybe even a year ago and it seems that people either really love their products or really hate them.

(watch my Wet N Wild first impressions)

BTW I purchased everything from ULTA and have now been trying out these products for a few months.
I also filmed a first impressions on these products as you can see above.

PhotoFocus Foundation ($5.99)
I bought the shades Nude Ivory & Soft Beige.
I had to buy 2 shades because Nude Ivory was too light and Soft Beige was too dark, they did have a shade between those two but it was cool toned (super pink) and being the feisty Latina that I am that just wouldn't work for me.
The warm tones and beige tone mixed together made the most perfect warm olive-y shade and I'm not even mad at it, buying 2 was still only $12 bucks.
This comes with the standard 1 ounce of foundation and the packaging is pretty basic but not ugly.
It's a pretty sturdy clear glass with a screw cap that had a paddle attached for application, the paddle doesn't really bother me at all because I always apply my makeup to fresh and clean face and after my skincare of course.
In the beginning I thought it was kinda weird but I'm actually digging it now.
I was honestly expecting to pass out from paint fumes the way people were talking about the scent of this (lol) but it only had a faint paint scent (which I kinda like) and after application I didn't even smell it anymore.
The formula was liquid-y, creamy, had light/medium coverage which I applied with a damp beauty sponge and although on the Ulta website they do describe this as being a matte foundation, it was in no way drying and set to more of a natural satin-y finish.
It looked healthy and radiant but it didn't slip around on my skin in my oily t zone like a dewy foundation would.
You can layer this foundation up but it really doesn't build up much for extra coverage and when I tried really layering it up it got cake-y af and still didn't have extra coverage.
Less is definitely more with this one.
I know they have the PhotoFocus Pressed Powder ($4.99) that you could set this with if you wanted extra coverage but I didn't buy it as I tend lean more towards translucent powders.
The very first time I tried this foundation I noticed that it emphasized my pores and flaws (which was fixed by using a primer the next time) and was kinda bummed out but it looked better the next time I used it with some minor adjustments and even better after about 30 minutes of melting into my skin and continued to look better throughout the day.
The foundation didn't just look good, it made it look as though I just had nice healthy skin and it was comfortable to wear.
I can't believe just how natural it looked on my skin, it kind of reminded me of the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation which I also love.
This has turned into a foundation that I've been reaching for almost daily and have even been mixing it with my more matte foundations to take down the dryness during these cold months.
I don't really know why but honestly wasn't expecting to like this foundation and I really freaking love it.
I have combo skin, currently oily/slightly dry during the winter
When I started using this it was Fall and my skin was more oily/normal and it's worked fine on my skin both times.
I will say though that I always multi prime my face and I know that if I did not put my mattifying primer in my t zone that this would be a hot mess.
So I'm not sure that this would work well with super oily skin types.
I've been pretty lucky in choosing foundations lately, and I make sure to not buy products that are not made for my skin type.
It's better to buy products based on your skin type rather than what's trendy, even though it may be hard it will save you money in the long run.

PhotoFocus Concealer ($3.99)
I bought the shade Light Ivory which was the lightest shade.
It came in a clear plastic tube with a black cap with a doe foot wand.
In the tube it did look darker than it actually was when applied but it still was in no way a light ivory.
The coverage of this concealer was also a light/medium and applied really creamy and blended out quick and easy.
That's where the fun ended.
It caked instantly when I tried to build up the coverage under my eyes, once it started to set it was super dry and looked super dry.
Yes it appeared to be matte but not in a good smoothing matte way like the Tarte Shape Tape.
It accentuated every fine line and mark on my face and even made my under eyes look crepe-y and aged, even flake-y and I do not have dry under eyes so it was weird and looked gross.
I'm not a fan of this concealer at all and don't see myself ever using this again.
I gave it away a few days after that first use.

MegaGlo Contour Palette ($4.99)
I bought the shade Dulce de Leche which was the lightest shade combo.
It comes packaged in a split pan, the contour shade was neither too warm or too ashy, it was a cool neutral and didn't turn orange on my light skin.
Omfg that contour though.
This shit blended out so easy, it sheered out with little effort and looked airbrushed without even trying but was also build-able.
Being that it feels like butter it's super easy to go overboard with this which I did once or twice (lmfao) but with a quick swipe of translucent powder it was good again.
Layered like magic over the other products and looked so f**king good.
The highlight side was a french vanilla shade having that slight hint of yellow.
I used this in all my highlight points and under eyes dry with a brush and it gave a subtle brightening affect.
The real magic was when the highlight shade was applied with a damp sponge for carving (*faint *) it was literally everything.
Clean, crisp, and opaque. I leave the carving bake on while I finish my blush and highlight and when I brush it away it's like I said before crispy af and brightened.
I've had to force myself to use other products because I love it that much, good thing it's affordable because I've already hit pan and purchased another one.

Velvet Matte Lip Color ($3.50)
I bought the shade Toffee Frappe.
This is a twisty chubby stick lip color.
I just love when companies have the cap and/or end that shows the color of the product, it just makes it so easy.
Other than that it's a pretty basic little package, all black chubby pencil.
Once applied the first thing I noticed was that the color was nothing like the color shown on the cap or even what you'd think of just by the shade name.
The color turned out to be more of a pink-y nude with a gold-ish shimmer in it and it was also kinda sheer, the color was actually really pretty just not what I was expecting.
All of that would have been fine especially since the lip color was so comfortable on the lips but sadly it was super patchy and every time I pressed my lips together it would patch off, when I tried to apply more color to correct it, it just made it worse.
This was the only shade I had purchased so I don't know if they're all like this or if it's just this shade.
This was also a pass for me though.

PhotoFocus Makeup Setting Spray ($5.99)
This only comes in one size 1.52 fluid ounces.
The spray was a little aggressive at first but wasn't so bad that I wouldn't use it.
The mist was nice and wide and really gets your whole face even if you have a fat head like me but honestly who uses just one spray anyways.
Took down the powdery-ness of my makeup but other than that I don't really feel like it did anything to prolong the wear of my makeup.
I also think that although yes the price is good, you're getting such little product that is the price really that good?
I continued to use this until it was gone and it was just okay, don't get me wrong it's a good product for a good price but like I said it didn't seem to do much besides set my face and for some that's all you need but I kinda prefer one that pretty much feels like hair spray on my face (jk kinda lol), where I know my makeup isn't going anywhere.
They have since come out with other setting spray formulas and I'm definitely interesting in trying those out too to see if there are any differences.

These are some of the newer things (new to me) I've been playing around with but I'm also a huge fan of their MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks so that's a good option if you're into matte liquid lipsticks and they're only $4.99 each.

What's your favorite and least favorite Wet N Wild product?
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media.

Products Mentioned:
PhotoFocus Foundation
PhotoFocus Concealer
MegaGlo Contour Palette
Velvet Matte Lip Color
PhotoFocus Makeup Setting Spray
MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Beauty Deals & Freebies

Hey everyone!!

So I saw a few really good deals and thought I'd let you guys know because if you're like me then you also like to stock up on your faves when they're on sale. 
I mean who doesn't like to save money and possibly get free shit, lol.
I also don't know how long any of these deals will last so jump on it.

Holy crap!! Origins has a bunch of deals going on right now, I haven't ordered because I just stocked up on skincare but I'd definitely recommend stacking these deals during their winter stock up sale. 
  • 20% off using the code: FAMILY
  • Free full size facial cleanser on orders $65
  • Buy 5 sheet masks, get one free
  • Free shipping on orders $35
  • Use Ebates for an additional 8% cash back

BH is one of those brands that pretty much always has some sort of sale going on but luckily for you this week they're doing one for Valentine's Day and it's a higher percentage.
They also just launched a new palette & brush set that looks Vday inspired (pic above) if you're looking for something new.
  • 30% off using the code: BEMINE
  • Free shipping orders over $50
  • Use Ebates for an additional 5% cashback

I was way too excited for this one here.
House of Lashes is now offering custom 3 packs of lashes which could save you up to $6 per trio depending which styles you choose.
There is no code required and it does not specify how long this offer will run, so stock the fuck up girls. 
Btw might I add their lash glue is my Holy Grail lash glue, I prefer the white (clear) but they also have black and it's like super glue except less scary hahaha.
  • Custom Classic 3pk $22.50
  • Custom Lite 3pk $30
  • Custom Premium 3pk $30
  • 15% off when you sign up for emails
  • Free shipping on orders $35

  • Free full size toner on orders $65
  • Free 3pc vitamin C skincare on orders $50 with code: BRIGHTER
  • Free 5pc skincare & bag on orders $125 with code: LOVE
  • 20% off with email sign up
  • Free shipping on orders $50
  • Use Ebates for an additional 6% cash back

The Jouer sale includes all their best sellers as well as their holiday 2017 collection but not their newest launch FYI, hich sucks because I wanted the new blush duo but this is still an awesome deal on their other products.

  • 30% off with code: JOUER30
  • Foundation brush for only $7 when you buy foundation bundle & free lip enhancer
  • Free shipping on $25

  • Free lip bloom on $40 with code: BERRY
  • Free face mask on $40 with code: BRIGHT
  • Free shipping on $40
  • 15% off with email sign up

That's about all I have right now guys and I'm not sure if this is something I'll continue to post about, I guess it just depends on how it goes.
Obviously there is a crap ton more sales out there,
these are just the ones I've happened to see tonight while scrolling around.
Let me know below in the comments if you like these kind of posts and also let everyone know of any other bomb ass deals you've spotted currently.

Products Mentioned:

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Year, New Me?

Hey everyone!!

Can't believe it's February first already and practically already spring time!
Lot's of new makeup launches and cute ass clothes are about to be popping off.

So it's a new year obviously and normally I don't make New Year resolutions because I feel like it's one of those things that people don't usually want to do, they just pick something to pick something (lol) because it's just another social pressure and everyone is gonna ask what your resolution is.
That being said I'm not some sort of psycho resolution hater, if you've genuinely made a real resolution, then fuck yeah! That is awesome!!

That last time I made a New Year resolution was 8 years ago and it was to stop smoking cigarettes and guess what I haven't smoked cigarettes since.
I had decided it would be my New Year resolution and made sure to tell people, mostly to hold myself accountable but I was just so done and grossed out by my own smoking that I actually ended up quitting right before Christmas because I couldn't even wait until the New Year.
I went cold turkey and I never looked back.
Anyone ever wonder why they call it cold turkey?
I mean that sounds gross and makes me think of expired slimy deli meat..
I want to envision Thanksgiving turkey leftovers, you know beautifully sliced and perfectly roasted, something you'd see in a cooking magazine maybe.
That's just not the picture I get in my head, I swear I think of the nastiest stuff lol.
Are we far enough off track yet?
Okay so back to the story then..

So here I am 8 years later and 8 years older (holy fuck) and I've made a resolution this year, this year I've decided that I'm going to start taking better care of myself overall.
Yes, I know that sounds lame as fuck and could also mean really anything or nothing at all.
I've always made time for my skincare and makeup but I've just recently started noticing how many little things I've stopped doing for myself because I'm so busy doing so much for everyone else, things not only for my well being but little things that just made me happy.
From something as simple as lotion-ing my ENTIRE body everyday and not just rushing and only half assing my legs and arms hahaha..
to manicuring and painting my nails and actually wearing something besides leggings more often.

Even bigger than that I've started doing yoga again and have also started eating low carb.
I'm a total carb slut so it's definitely not easy but since I love to cook from scratch and already cook daily it honestly made it a shit ton easier because I'm making pizza dough, bagels, things to fill my carb loving cravings and it's been saving me from losing my shit.
Like no joke I've made pizza 3 times already, and holy fuck it's so good I can't even believe that it's low carb. i didn't even used to eat pizza this much before I went low carb lol.
None of that cauliflower pizza crust crap either lol, I mean if you like it then that's awesome but I tried it and I just can't do it.
In my defense though I've never been a fan of cauliflower which is weird because I love broccoli.

So anyways that's how my New Year has been going so far, I'm definitely getting back into my blogging, trying to make a schedule, and instead of just a beauty blog I've decided to expand to a Beauty & Lifestyle blog.
It will still be based mostly around beauty because let's face it those are my interests but this way I'll be able to incorporate a random blog (like this one) or recipe here and there without feeling as though I'm not sticking to my genre or niche as real bloggers would say.
I've even made it official and have added the word "Lifestyle" to my blog header omg omg omg.

So that's my long ass, un-needed story about switching it up a little and doing a more beauty & lifestyle blog.

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

KVD Metal Crush Palette

Hey everyone!!

Can't believe it's already December, blah blah, blah, you know the drill..

If you're reading this then you're probably a makeup whore just like I am, so you know the agony involved in waiting for packages and how warm and fuzzy it makes you feel when your shit finally arrives after what feels like a year.
I actually had a different post planned for today but when my Sephora package was delivered unexpectedly, I was too excited that I just had to post this asap.

Today we're doing a first impressions on the
Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette (LE) by Kat Von D Beauty $36.
(This palette is limited edition (LE) and Kat Von D Beauty is sold only through Sephora & the Kat Von D Beauty website).

I was beyond fucking excited when I found out that Kat Von D was releasing a highlighter palette, not only because I love highlighter in general but I also like a lot of her products and formulas (not all but a lot of them).
Plus it's about time she brings out highlighters, am I right?
I passed on her alchemist palette before because they weren't shades I'd reach for very often and I already had the MoonChild & Aurora Glow Kits by Anastasia Beverly Hills.
When I saw she named her palette Metal Crush, holy fuck I swear I gushed.
I mean if you haven't tried her Metal Crush Eyeshadow singles, they are amazing!
They're super metallic, buttery, silky soft, and so blend-able they melt into your skin.
I use the shade Thunderstruck almost daily for my eye highlight and sometimes even on my cheekbones, it's literally perfection and I actually just repurchased another one.

The first time I saw the shades in the Metal Crush Palette I was so glad that they were shades that were more wearable on the daily.
There's a peachy shade, an icy opalescent shade, and a pink rose-y shade.
In my imagination, it was everything I ever wanted in a highlighter, wearable colors in their metallic Metal Crush formula, I mean holy crap I couldn't wait to coat my entire being in it.
The anticipation was intense.

The palette packaging is made of a thick sturdy cardboard with a holographic print, the inside is all black.
I was glad to see that there was a mirror even though I rarely use palette mirrors but I know a lot of people do, plus it just makes it more visually appealing.

Upon opening the palette the first thing I noticed was how glittery the highlights looked in the pan, my heart instantly sank.
I told myself to calm the fuck down and swatch them.
I swatched all three shades on my inner wrist and felt sick to my stomach.
The actual highlighter pigmentation is more sheer and gives off a sheen which I personally like in highlighter formula but in reality all I could see was the damn glitter, there was just so much glitter.
Once again I told myself to chill the fuck out, I ran upstairs and grabbed my current favorite highlighting brush, tapped the shit out of it trying to knock off as much glitter as possible and applied this to my cheekbones.
There wasn't much actual color payoff or highlighting besides the glitter speckled across my cheekbones.
This is not at all similar in any way to the Metal Crush Eyeshadow formula that I love so much. Within 10 minutes it was like a scene from Cabin Fever, the glitter had spread to pretty much my entire face, neck, hairline, boobies, and shirt.

Still at this point I tried to keep it together and contain my rage.
I tried looking at it in different lighting and outside to see if maybe it didn't actually look as bad as I thought it did.
Before I could even ask for a second opinion, she asked why I had put glitter all over my face, and I'm pretty sure I heard an eeew come out of her mouth before that lol.

WTF is happening, I mean it is a new product but I researched this palette the best I could before I bought it because I hate buying shit I'm not going to use, I don't buy makeup just to "collect" it.
I saw swatches online, even on the face.
After taking my own swatch pictures I did notice that the glitter wasn't really picking up on camera.
Yet still the description on Sephora says that they're metallic with no mention of glitter.
I waited forever for this damn palette especially because the recent VIB sale and holidays have made shipping extra long for Sephora.
What pisses me off even more is that I read what few reviews there were at the time of my purchase and I didn't see anything about glitter in those either.
Of course now when I checked there's a bunch mentioning the glitter but I guess that's the risk you take when buying new releases, you just don't know what the fuck you're gonna get.

(Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara. Do you need it?)

I mean I get that different people like different things and I love that there's literally a highlighter for every type of person and if you love glitter than you'd probably love this palette.
What I don't like is that most people and even the websites conveniently "forget" to mention such a huge detail.
This feels more like I was tricked into believing this was something that it wasn't because this is not a highlighter that maybe has a little sparkle or shimmer, this is seriously almost pure glitter.
I also think giving it the name Metal Crush was hugely misleading mostly because their single shadows are already named this, which leads you to believe they were going to be somewhat similar in formulation.
I mean holy fuck if she was to make highlighters with the Metal Crush formula, I'd be first in line to buy them even after this let down.

Obviously this palette was a huge disappointment for me because I personally do not like glitter in my face products and rarely even use glitter at all.
Had I known this was a glitter palette I would have never purchased it and at this point I don't know if I'm taking it back or smashing it to bits while I sob.
Maybe if my rage subsides I might try to use on my eyes or something, I just don't know yet.

Is this palette beautiful? Fuck yeah it is and I still love Kat Von D Beauty,
this specific palette is just not right for me.
I would only recommend this palette to someone that is specifically looking for glitter and in that case it would be perfect.

Did you buy the Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette by Kat Von D Beauty?
Love it or hate it?
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media.

Products Mentioned:
Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette by Kat Von D Beauty

MoonChild GlowKit by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Aurora GlowKit by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Metal Crush Eyeshadow

Setting Brush by Real Techniques

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